Does Travelling Inspire you to be Creative?

Okay, so I’ve been away from my blog for a few months, and i do have a great excuse….. I promise. In the next month I will share some amazing experiences in Berlin, St. Petersburg, London, Frankfurt, and Stockholm, but today I want to write about something a little different.

I have discovered that travelling can often have the most unexpected results. I’ve just finished writing my first 70000 word novel. An adventure/ mystery based around a woman who loses her husband, is forced to flee her country, and searches for the truth behind a list codenamed Flashlight. The book is jam packed with interesting locations that I have visited in the last three years, and a few places such as Istanbul, which I would still love to visit.

How has travelling influenced your creativity?


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2 Responses to Does Travelling Inspire you to be Creative?

  1. I think travelling definitely does impact on creativity, but I have the bad habit of waiting until I have time (have returned home) to act on the instinct and often lose my ideas or passion in doing so.
    In the future I think I will make sure there is enough time on my travels to sit back, relax and create.

    • Yes, very important to have a process for capturing those creative thoughts. I go everywhere with a small pocket notebook and pen, and also use my iphone with a list app.

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