Castles Inspired by Imagination or Insanity

I’m sitting at the Abu Dhabi airport waiting for a flight to Australia and this is my first attempt at using the WP app to blog using my iPhone. (Insert Applause)
On my last flight, apart from listening to a beautiful German singer named Franziska, I was reflecting on the wonderful weekend i had visiting 3 castles in Southern Germany, each relating to King Ludwig II.



My favourite castle was Linderhof (pictured above), in which the King lived 8 years. As i walked around the magnificent courtyard, I couldn’t stop thinking about this very impressive King and his struggle with depression. Apparently in later years he withdrew completely into his own imagination, prompting the government of his day to declare him insane.
The second castle we saw was Neuschwanstein, an idealistic architecture of Ludwig’s imagination. History might call King Ludwig II crazy, but Walt Disney was inspired by his castle design, and is remembered as an inspiring dreamer.
Can imagination really become a destructive force? What are your thoughts?


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