A Surprise is Waiting in the Cemetery

Yes, you read that headline right, I did say “cemetery”, and please forgive me if you were expecting a ghostly tale. I have just returned from another wonderful visit to Bayern in the South of Germany. On this trip I was amazed by something totally unexpected. As we entered the cemetery where my girlfriends father was buried, I was captured by the beauty, color, and serenity of the place. Here’s my description:

  • birds singing loudly
  • large beautiful trees
  • bright green hedges
  • flowers, flowers, flowers
  • candles and sunshine
  • neatly trimmed grave sites

In Australia, people might visit the grave of a loved one on the first anniversary, but here in Germany the grave sites are regularly visited and carefully manicured by relatives. I tried describing what an Australian cemetery looked like, and both my girlfriend and her mother looked at me in shock.

I wonder what other surprises Germany has for me. Do you have a story about a cemetery you have visited?


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2 Responses to A Surprise is Waiting in the Cemetery

  1. iztarr says:

    Yes graveyards in Finland are the same. Beautifully tended with real flowers growing there in the summer in front of each headstone and at Christmas everyone lights a lantern in front if the graves which are by then usually covered with snow, very beautiful

    • Iris, we visited the cemetery in Bayern on Christmas Eve, and people were singing carols next to their loved ones grave site. It was a very moving experience to have hundreds of people in a cemetery singing Christmas carols. …and very beautiful having snow and lanterns 😉

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