Living with the Travel Bug

I woke up this morning and was shocked at how much of my life now revolves around travel. A quick count of apps on my iPhone revealed that 41 were related to travel. I regularly delete apps I haven’t used for awhile, so who knows how many more I have downloaded in the last year. The photo below shows a small selection of the apps I used during my last trip to Australia, Malaysia and back to Germany.


I also estimate that I spend at least 10 hours a week using these apps to learn language, research flights, and plan future trips. I spend another couple of hours a week uploading my travel photos to Facebook…. because we all want our friends to see us enjoying life…right? 😉

So as I reflect on how different my day to day life is now, compared to just a few years ago, I am grateful for the way that travel has enriched my life. I have a much more bigger perspective on world events than the lounge chair critics, my mental muscles have grown as I embrace the challenge of learning new languages, I appreciate the beauty that I see around me each day, I live much more in the now and spend less days fantasizing about the future.

How has travel changed your life? Would you like to do more travelling but feel limited by work, family, or money?

About PetesWorldTour

A world traveller, author, life coach, fun guy who makes people smile :-)
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