I Survived the Darkest Gloomiest German Winter on Record

As I write this blog update, the sun is “currently” shining, birds are singing, people are smiling ………..

UPDATE: since I wrote the first line and got distracted by a dozen meteorological websites, the sun is now half shinning and the birds have disappeared. …..and by the way I did find a website that declared that I had survived the darkest winter on record here in Germany.

Officially we are now in Spring, but with the temperature outside being just 1 degree above zero, this Australian isn’t too convinced.

BUT, if you think I’m one of those people who is complaining….. you would be wrong. I have loved every moment of my first winter here in Germany. I might have missed the hottest Australian summer, but I saw the darkest German winter. The best part has been the snow!! In the part of Australia where I am from, we seldom have snow. OoooooK, soooooo to be more specific…… it almost never snows, except for the once in a lifetime snowfall we had in 1984. Here’s a website for the geeks who want the hard facts.

So lets get down to the business end of the blog and list some of the things that helped keep a smile on my face during the gloomiest German winter on record.

  • At the top of my list is the novelty of looking out the window each morning, hopeful of seeing snow falling. 
  • Second on my list is having the opportunity to share winter with the most beautiful lady in Germany!! ……I’m biased of course 😉
  • don't be forgottenLaughing at funny pictures others post on Facebook  …. and creating my own laughable moments. (comment below if you want to order a red hat like the one in my photo)
  • Keeping my mind active by learning the German language …… German dogs go “Wau Wau” and Australian dogs go “Woof Woof”, just for the record.
  • Going for walks in the snow just for the exercise, and to take photographs for my Australian Facebook friends.
  • Reading inspirational stories. If you haven’t already heard of Nick Vujicic, check out his website. This guy is a legend.
  • …and lastly, I begin each year by setting inspiring goals. Checkout the Best Year Yet program, and if you’d love to have me assist you with additional coaching you can comment below.

So that’s how I survived the darkest gloomiest winter here in Germany.

UPDATE: you guessed it, IT’S SNOWING AGAIN!! 😀

About PetesWorldTour

A world traveller, author, life coach, fun guy who makes people smile :-)
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5 Responses to I Survived the Darkest Gloomiest German Winter on Record

  1. caroline eklund says:

    peter! I’m so happy that you are so happy…I truly from the bottom of my heart wish you all the best in all things in life. Fun to hear about your life and to see pics of your joyful self! Keep on shining!

  2. Lesa Tacon says:

    Pete you are one in a million!

  3. fotoeins says:

    Pete, I spent 9 weeks in Berlin from late-October to late-December last year: there were many grey gloomy days, but there was sun, and there was snow. For me, I definitely need more sun to keep my spirits up, which must be why I’m now in Sydney. On the other hand, I miss the city that is Berlin, and all the good, the bad, and the ugly the German capital encompasses and embraces. Thanks for your post!

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