IRAN: friendly people, mountains and snow

I have just arrived back from my second trip to Iran, and once again it made such a positive impression on me. Here’s my guys summary of my experience:

Favorite Memory
Interacting with the locals in Tehran, Esfahan and Shiraz, and discovering their way of life, their food, and sharing friendship.

Funniest Experience
Watching my friend Daniel trying to order breakfast in English at the hotel in the Ski Resort of Shemshak.

Favorite Place
Walking along the river bank in Esfahan and talking to the locals. The river had no water at the time, but the atmosphere was relaxed and it was interesting to see how the locals spent their leisure time.

Most interesting thing I learned
There are many synagogues in Esfahan, and although western news media portray negative feelings between Iran and Israel, there are about 8,700 Persian Jews living peacefully in Iran.

I can’t wait to visit again next year!!

Men relaxing near the river park Young people in Esfahan Persian people love the outdoors Iranian family relaxing on the river Guys Rollerblading Men Socializing along the riverbank Mountains of Shemshak

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5 Responses to IRAN: friendly people, mountains and snow

  1. bindi says:

    Thanks for the update
    Theres a whole world out there
    Go bro! x

  2. Anarya Andir says:

    Oh Iran is one country I REALLY wish to visit. Great post and photos! 🙂

    • Thanks Anarya, you will enjoy Iran. Make sure you register with ….it will help you connect with the locals even before you reach Iran. Even if you are not interested in staying with anyone, the people you meet on Couchsurfing will be able to give you a tour around their city.

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