Six Weeks of Love and a Change of Seasons

During the last few days I’ve been reflecting on my first 6 weeks in Germany. At the moment there is gentle rain falling outside, and most of last weeks snow has melted from our warm weekend of 5 degree temperatures. When I arrived last month from Australia, there were still colorful Autumn leaves floating down from the trees, then came the snow, water fountains froze, and now the snow is almost gone.


I love the distinguishable seasons that make Europe so beautiful, and I have always thought of life as a mixture of beautiful seasons too. A few years ago I was experiencing a “life season of winter”, things were gloomy, no sunshine, I felt depressed and just wanted to lie in bed all day. Now, a few years later, even though it is dark, raining, and we are expecting -7 degree temperatures this weekend, I am filled with joy and expecting an amazing year in 2013. It might be winter outside, but on the inside I am in a “life season of spring”.

In nature, seasons come and go through the powerful forces that move our planet around the sun. In life it is much different because there are things we can do to manage our transition from one season of life to another. We are not victims of circumstance. We can learn and grow through every season of life, and we can actively do things to help ourselves move from one season to another.

One of the most impacting things you can do to manage either negative or positive changes in your life, is to be generous. Generosity causes a person to focus on others and not just themselves. During the darkest season in my life, I made a list of 10 people who had experienced a challenging year like myself, I then sent them each a surprise gift. The act of giving to others brought me much joy. It caused me to shift my focus to others and not just meditate on the negative events that were happening around me.

This Christmas season, my prayer is that you will focus on others and be generous. Many of you will know people who have experienced a bad year. Send them a surprise gift to encourage them, and let them know that people do care.

I wish you all a wonderful and memorable Christmas,

Gott Segne Dich (God Bless You)

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A world traveller, author, life coach, fun guy who makes people smile :-)
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One Response to Six Weeks of Love and a Change of Seasons

  1. iztarrtarr says:

    Love the title of your blog and the story that followed and thanks for the photo!


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